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About DPG

The D’Arienzo Psychological Group (DPG) was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2008 by Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. Dr. D’Arienzo spent six years serving as a Navy Operational Psychologist, and left the Navy in 2008 to utilize his unique experiences and expertise to develop a comprehensive clinical, forensic, and industrial and organizational psychological practice. DPG has grown to become one of Northeast Florida’s most successful psychology practices since its inception. DPG now consists of a psychologist, two clinical social workers, a mental health counselor, and a licensed attorney who conducts parenting coordination. DPG offers unique, effective services for couples facing high conflict situations. These services include divorce therapy for parents and children, intensive couples therapy to salvage and enliven marriages, social investigations and custody evaluations, post-divorce therapy, reunification therapy, parenting coordination, and an online high conflict divorce and co-parenting course. Contact us today at 904-379-8094 for more information about our services.